About Library

The MJ College, Nagpur has rich collection on Fashion Design, Fine Arts, Interior Design, Textile Design & Library Science . It Covers Books, Reference Books, E-Journal Online Database & Project Reports.

Library Services/ Facilities:

  • Library is fully computerized & transaction of library books is on computer.
  • Library has Provided Open Access Facility for Students.
  • Library has also provided separate Journals Section.
  • Students have large reading section.
  • Library has provided E-journals sources along with printed Journal on different subjects.

Library Collection

Housing 7,000 books, our college library caters to academic needs with a diverse range of texts spanning various disciplines. From essential textbooks to scholarly resources, the collection supports our rigorous coursework. It serves as a vital hub for intellectual exploration, fostering academic excellence for both students and faculty.

With a current count of 50 journals, our academic resources include a concise yet comprehensive collection that supports scholarly research and enhances the depth of knowledge available to the college community.